Ceritified ISO 9001:2015

CNC Water Jet Cutting




Table Size: 4000*2000*300 mm

Any Material

upto 300 mm


CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine : Water Jet uses an ultra-high pressure flow of water to carry an abrasive grit. The abrasive does the cutting making a smooth cut coating. Water jet cutting machine is the most flexible process, because it is able to cut just about any type of material. Limitations include materials which are exceptionally brittle, such as some ceramics and glass. Water jet is a very precise procedure. It has a narrow kerf width, allowing fine contours to be cut, and producing high tolerance components.

It is a very slow process when compared on metals to plasma. ESAB gives the combination of plasma screen and waterjet on precisely the exact same machine that is. This option permits you to take advantage of the accuracy of water jet cutting machine where precision is needed by you, and also benefit from the speed and very low price of plasma where accuracy is not essential. The result is to create the components you need for cost that is substantially lower, in time.

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine Mainly Used For industrial application with the capacity of cutting an extensive array of materials having a exact high heeled jet of water, plus perhaps a blend of water along with also an abrasive stuff. CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine edge is oftentimes used throughout manufacture of system parts. CNC Water Jet Cutting edge is better referred to as a controlled, rapid erosion procedure. With this The water-filled tank may be the base of one’s water jet cutting machine.It sounds the trends toward local sourcing have extended much farther compared to restaurants and homes but also in to machines and craft work.These CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine in coimbatore  are available with quality machines in GKindus