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CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Laser Cutting

Excellent cutting quality repeatablity precise component using mitsubishi japan laser cutting machine….

CNC Waterjet Cutting

Any materiel, any profile cold process cutting with 3D FLOW (USA)-5 Axis waterjet Cutting Machine…

CNC Shearing

4 Meter Servo controlled precise shearing….

CNC Bending/Folding

Accurate folding with good repeatability multi access 4 Meter CNC Press break and swing beam versatile forming machine…


2500mm long NC controlled heavy duty plate rolling machine with cone bending attachments…


Amada (JAPAN) CNC 30 Station turret punching machine with high quantity punches….

CNC Plasma cuttingCNC Plasma cutting

high defined heavy plate profile cutting with economical pricing…


250 Ton heavy duty hydraulic press specialized for sheet metal corrugation…


Ending products defined with engineering quality…


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Architectural Designs+

Architectural Designs

Steel, Tiles, Rubber, Marble, Acrylic,Granites, Glass MDF, Plastics, Polystyrene, Wood and many more.
Cable Trays+

Cable Trays

We manufacture finest quality Perforated cable trays, Ladder Type Cable Trays, Solid Bottom Cable Trays.
Bus Body Sections+

Bus Body Sections

Setions for bus body frame manufacturing, gusset and all sheet metal sections
Welcome to GK Industries

GK industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company involved in manufacturing and exporting of various type of SHEET METAL COMPONENTS. Being in this field for the past 50 years we master ourselves in tailor made designs of sheet metal components as per customer application.

This unit was established in 1971 and initially engaged in job working for famous textile and engineering companies. We are proud to inform that we have been awarded continually for supplying quality products in time by our customers

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Architectural Designs

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Let’s Create Unlimited designs with GK Industry – Fancy Huge Architectural Designs, With Endless possibilities, What else request your needs to create your designs.

Architectural Designs


Architectural Designs


Architectural Designs


Architectural Designs

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gkindus client
gkindus client
gkindus client
gkindus client
gkindus client
gkindus client




1. DURMA – 3770 * 220 Ton

2. Hindustan Hydraulics – 3100 * 110 Ton

3. Hindustan Hydraulics – 3100 * 100 Ton


Swing Beam Type Folding Machine

4. HYDROFOLD – 3125 * 5 MM

5. HYDROFOLD – 2500 * 3 MM

6. HYDROFOLD – 2500 * 2 MM

Bending Machines In Coimbatore

CNC Bending And Folding Machines in Coimbatore is made up of a machine which utilized for a number of bends and may be corrected with minimal work. A simple system supports fast and effortless exchange of resources. Its modular structure provides an inexpensive entry in the bending technologies, because following an initial investment that the machine may be customized and extended later with no conversion.

That means the fundamental machine provides a bending stroke, and also the instrument determines the sort of bending machine. CNC bending machines have been designed for installation times and high flexibility. These machines have the ability to flex single bits in addition to small batches with the exact same precision and efficacy as series-produced components in a cheap manner. CNC Bending Machines in Coimbatore can be really a Fabrication procedure which generates a V-shape, Ushape, or station contour combined a right strand in ductile substances, most often sheet-metal.

Normally used gear include container and pan wheels, brake presses, and also other technical device presses. The beam climbs and folds sheet round a flex account.Even the Bending technological innovation spot addresses all mode of devices and procedures including Bending sheet-metal, notably media wheels, connections , and panel benders A Folding device is based onto the swinging ray which folds that the work piece, that will be placed and held with clamping ray gear.





1250 * Various Length

Maximum Thickness

MS : up to – 6 mm

SS : up to – 4 mm

CNC Turret Punching Machine In Coimbatore

CNC Turret Punching Machine in Coimbatore: Punching and Pressing operate in general, is a process well suited to mass manufacturing. No matter how the initial tooling costs, of the machine and the job-specific press instrument, are large. These limits punch work out of being used for substantially small-volume and model work. A turret punch is 1 method of addressing this cost. The tooling of a punch uses several regular punch tools holes of varying dimensions edge notches or holes that are mounting. A turret press may make a wide variety of parts, by using a high number of strokes, with many tools subsequently. This saves time and money, allowing quick prototyping or for low volume production to begin without tooling delays.

A typical CNC turret punch has a selection of up to 60 tools in a”turret” which may be rotated to deliver some instrument to the punching position. Creating many squares or curved cuts across the perimeter can cuts out a shape. As a media tool demands a fitting die and punch set, there are two turrets, above and below the bed, for die and punch. These two turrets must rotate in synchronization and their alignment. Punches of equal shape may be used in the turret, everyone turned into a different angle, as there is no feature to rotate the sheet workpiece.

CNC Turret Punching Machine in Coimbatore or turret media is a form of punch media applied for metal forming by way of hitting. Punching and media work, generally speaking, is just a procedure ideal for mass generation. Nevertheless, the preliminary tooling charges, of either the system and also the job-specific media tool, are quite high. CNC Turret Punching Machine in coimbatore can be a very rapid and inexpensive approach to earn holes in sheetmetal, therefore those who want a speedy, economic manner of earning holes in sheetmetal would frequently check out CNC Turret Punching Machine in coimbatore. Even the turret punch is indeed cheap as It Comprises several tooling within 1 apparatus, which means Producers Prevent the Cost of Making Numerous, job-specific punch Instruments





Table Size: 4000*2000*300 mm

Any Material

upto 300 mm


GK Industries is a manufacturer and service provider of waterjet with cutting services in Coimbatore. GK Industries is run by a team of professionals having very good experience in the field of Waterjet cutting and cleaning technology. In our facility, we also offer Water Jet Cutting Services in Coimbatore with our best and the latest Water jet cutting system.

Waterjet Cutting Services in Coimbatore: Water Jet uses an ultra-high pressure flow of water to carry an abrasive grit. The abrasive does the cutting making a smooth cut coating. A water jet cutting machine is the most flexible process because it can cut just about any type of material. Limitations include materials that are exceptionally brittle, such as some ceramics and glass. The waterjet is a very precise procedure. It has a narrow kerf width, allowing fine contours to be cut, and producing high tolerance components.

Water Jet with Cutting Services blends abrasives aboard water that’s restricted from a spout. the load and quality has the flexibility to chop stones, marbles, plastic, rock, picket and totally different metals. because the methodology will no longer create use of any risky chemicals to operate the trip, it’s thought to be a cool procedure. it might not radiate any unsafe gasses and is surroundings agreeable. With best completed things, there’s no wish of finishing. that’s as of currently treated while playing the methodology. the sides area unit nice and clean with no more work needed.

It is a very slow process when compared to metals to plasma. ESAB gives the combination of plasma screen and waterjet on precisely the same machine that is. This option permits you to take advantage of the accuracy of the water jet cutting machine where precision is needed by you, and also benefit from the speed and very low price of plasma where accuracy is not essential. The result is to create the components you need for a substantially lower cost, in time.

We are dedicated to providing precision Waterjet Cutting Services. We utilize the latest technology to provide fast, economical waterjet cutting. Everything from titanium plate to thinnest of paper can be cut efficiently via waterjet technology, making the potential application for this process ever-expanding.

Water Jet Cutting Machine mainly used For industrial application with the capacity of cutting an extensive array of materials having an exact high heeled jet of water, plus perhaps a blend of water along with also abrasive stuff. Water Jet Cutting Machine edge is oftentimes used throughout the manufacture of system parts. CNC Water Jet Cutting edge is better referred to as a controlled, rapid erosion procedure. With this, The water-filled tank may be the base of one’s water jet cutting machine. It sounds the trends toward local sourcing have extended much farther compared to restaurants and homes but also into machines and craftwork. These Waterjet Cutting Services in Coimbatore are available with quality machines in GKindus.

Waterjet cutting service is a cold cutting process that can be applied for almost all materials including metals, nonmetals, stones, glass, plastics, etc.

The high-pressure water forced through the tiny orifice concentrates high energy to a tiny area on the workpiece to cut it.

• Wide Range of Material Cutting

• High Thickness Cutting

• No Heat Affected Zone

• Accurate Cutting

• No Mechanical Stress

• Environmental Friendly





Pallet Size: 3000*1500 MM

Maximum Thickness

MS : up to – 16 mm

SS : up to – 12 mm

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutting Services allows for extremely precise cutting and engraving of many materials such as wood, asphalt, concrete, distinct alloys and several more. It comprises a sharp and pointed router to make a clean and precise cutting of this material. This sharp cutter can even cut most organic substances and depending upon the power metals as well. That means the computer can change the design routines into numbers, made by Computer-Aided Design Software (CAD). These converted amounts control the movement of the cutter. This manner, the computer controls the cutting and engraving of these items.

This practice of clipping is controlled by the computer system in which the essential software and hardware are installed. In large businesses, a high powered laser cutter is often used to cut sheet and piping materials. A lot of companies use this technique to increase their outcomes. Because fewer men electricity is necessary for this technique and it absorbs significantly less moment to laser the substance ineffective manner than the older process to lower the objects. You can attach this machine with your desktop computer to make designs and images.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine designs into a metallic sheet. But, whilst laser cutting edge illustrates certain benefits over more traditional cutting edge procedures, a few fabricating software can be debatable, including cutting edge reflective material or material requiring secondary machining and completing work. The types of Laser Cutting Machines: Rotary Laser Cutting, Robotic Laser Cutting, Small Format Laser Cutting,5 Axis Laser Cutting, Large Format Laser Cutting.

These laser cutting machines are available with the best prices in GKindus Water Jet Cutting Machine is another subtractive manufacturing technique but it uses pressurized water-focused at a very small point to cut the material. Laser Cutting Machine in Coimbatore is a subtractive manufacturing technique that uses a focused laser to cut or engrave the material.

water jet cutting machine

HISTORY & PROFILE for Water Jet Cutting Machine

GK industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company involved in manufacturing and exporting of various type of SHEET METAL COMPONENTS and then main components is Water Jet Cutting Machine. Being in this field for the past 50 years we master ourselves in tailor made designs of sheet metal components as per customer application.

This unit was established in 1971 and initially engaged in job working for famous textile and engineering companies. We are proud to inform that we have been awarded continually for supplying quality products in time by our customers


  • World’s best CNC Technology with supporting infrastructure.
  • Professional engineering skills with outstanding management expertise.
  • Quick Quotes with competitive pricing.
  • Established Business Integrity.
  • Either lesser or huge volume both can be achieved.


At,GKI ,We Provide precision quality,flexibility,on-time delivery and competitive pricing an all products and services.GKI has capacity and expertise to create and manufacture any shape of sheet metal product.We also assit our customer in finding the best design, the best material and the manufacturing process so that we can get the right componunts at the right price and at the right time.


We combine the latest, state-of-the-art cutting technology, decades of manufacturing experience, and a dedicated team of professionals into an extraordinary facility with one
goal in mind: to exceed your expectations for quality and customer service.

  • Tight tolerances achievable
  • Secondary finishing not required
  • Does not cause heat distortion
  • Fast turns are possible

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Water Jet Cutting Machine in Coimbatore


water jet cutting machine


water jet cutting machine


With the passion towards water jetting technology and years of professional experience Aquajet Machine Tool manufacture high quality CNC Waterjet Cutting machines. Aquajet Machine Tool is run by a team of professionals having very good experience in the field of Waterjet cutting and cleaning technology. We have a registered office and fully equipped factory in Coimbatore.

In our facility we also offer Water jetting Cutting services with our best and the latest Water Jet cutting systems. Our strength lies in the domain expertise by which we understand the customer requirements and provide them the best quality water jet cutting services.

waterjet cutting