Superior Edge Quality

Edge quality is one of the most important significant reasons why designers specify waterjet. Waterjet produces a smooth uniform burr-free edge. 

The edge quality produced by waterjet is a function of speed, pressure, nozzle size and abrasive flow rate. In many cases waterjet eliminates the need for secondary finishing, thus creating significant time savings and improving efficiency in your workshop. 

Efficient & Cost Effective

Like all equipment, there is an ultimate tool for every application. Waterjet excels with cutting very thick products, including aluminum, multi-layer materials, composites, hardened steels over 25mm thick, and products which must be cut with no distortion or heat-affected zones. 

If you are looking for a process which can deliver exceptional edge quality requiring little or no additional edge treatment, and the flexibility to cut almost any type and thickness of the product, then waterjet is your best option. 

Precise Internal Cutouts

With cutting accuracy of ±0.1 to ±0.2mm (accuracy varies between machines), waterjet is an extremely versatile cutting tool which is why it is used globally in many industries for intricate designs and jobs which require high tolerances. 

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