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1. DURMA – 3770 * 220 Ton

2. Hindustan Hydraulics – 3100 * 110 Ton

3. Hindustan Hydraulics – 3100 * 100 Ton

FOLDING MACHINE –Swing Beam Type Folding Machine

4. HYDROFOLD – 3125 * 5 MM

5. HYDROFOLD – 2500 * 3 MM

6. HYDROFOLD – 2500 * 2 MM

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bending and folding pro 1
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 Bending/ Folding Machines in Coimbatore is made up of a machine which utilized for a number of bends and may be corrected with minimal work. A simple system supports fast and effortless exchange of resources. Its modular structure provides an inexpensive entry in the bending technologies, because following an initial investment that the machine may be customized and extended later with no conversion.

That means the fundamental machine provides a bending stroke, and also the instrument determines the sort of bending machine. CNC bending machines have been designed for installation times and high flexibility. These machines have the ability to flex single bits in addition to small batches with the exact same precision and efficacy as series-produced components in a cheap manner. CNC Bending Machines in Coimbatore can be really a Fabrication procedure which generates a V-shape, Ushape, or station contour combined a right strand in ductile substances, most often sheet-metal.

Normally used gear include container and pan wheels, brake presses, and also other technical device presses. The beam climbs and folds sheet round a flex account.Even the Bending technological innovation spot addresses all mode of devices and procedures including Bending sheet-metal, notably media wheels, connections , and panel benders A Folding device is based onto the swinging ray which folds that the work piece, that will be placed and held with clamping ray gear.

Bending/Folding metals is a forming process. In which there is no separation of material by performing a plastic deformation to give shape around a certain angle to a sheet. It is a forming or pre-forming operation within the forming processes carried out in the machining of parts.

The bending technology area covers all manner of machines and processes for bending sheet metal, especially press brakes, folders, and panel benders. Press brakes are the most common bending equipment in fabricating shops. In a press brake, sheet metal is held in place by clamps between a matching punch and die, and the machine’s ram, with punch attached, moves downward to form a predetermined bend. A folding machine relies on a swinging beam that folds the workpiece, which is positioned and held by clamping beam tools. In panel bending, the sheet is positioned below blank-holder tools, which descend and clamp the workpiece in place, with material protruding on the other side; the machine’s bending blades from above and below move to fold the metal. Other technologies covered in this area include corner formers, ironworkers, notchers, orbital formers, and roll benders.

This is done through the application of force on a workpiece. The force must exceed the material’s yield strength to achieve a plastic deformation. Only then can you get a lasting result in the form of a bend.