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CNC Waterjet Cutting

mainly used For industrial application with the capacity of cutting an extensive array of materials having an exact high heeled jet of water, plus perhaps a blend of water along with also abrasive stuff.

CNC Water Jet Cutting

Machine edge is oftentimes used throughout the manufacture of system parts.

CNC WaterJet Cutting

edge is better referred to as a controlled, rapid erosion procedure. With this, The water-filled tank may be the base of one’s waterjet cutting machine. It sounds the trends toward local sourcing have extended much farther compared to restaurants and homes but also into machines and craftwork. These Waterjet Cutting Services in Coimbatore are available with quality machines in GKindus.


Due to its versatility and unique characteristics, a

CNC waterjet cutting

machine can cut all sorts of composites. This includes carbon fiber reinforced plastics, glass-reinforced plastics, and almost any metal. The most common application in machine shops is metal, especially aluminum. Below are just some of the materials but it shows just how versatile

CNC waterjet cutting


Five Advantages of Waterjet Cutting
1. No material limitations

Waterjet cutting is versatile applicable, cutting nearly any material; composites, plastics, metals, glass, stone or rock, ceramics, and rubber. With the addition of a granular abrasive, a waterjet cutting machine can perform quality cuts on materials up to 200 mm in thickness.

2. No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
A major advantage of waterjet cutting is that no heat-affected zone (HAZ) occurs due to its cold cutting method. Not only does cold cutting enable clean cuts, but also increases the operators’ safety significantly by eliminating the risks of burns.
3. No material distortion
Through its cold cutting method, the heat exposure can be bypassed, which is especially critical for materials like metal, leading to a fine cut without distortion in the material. This results in a smooth and burr-free cut.
4. No additional finishing process
The immediate high cutting quality ensures a precise result, avoiding an additional finishing process. This significantly accelerates the cutting process and saves time, increasing the overall efficiency.
5. No hazardous waste
The growing importance of environmentally friendly processes throughout the industries is becoming more apparent. A significant advantage of waterjet cutting is that it does not create any hazardous waste in the form of fumes and gases, unlike other cutting technologies.

At GK Indus, we offer you the best Waterjet Cutting Service and great Applications such as metal plate designing without any defect. Feel free to contact one of our specialists for expert advice.

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